Dreamy & tranquil. Loft Tiny amongst the trees.
A natural bush clearing makes way for a covering of ferns, mountain shrubs and our Pepperberry Tiny.
Loft Bedding
Fully Self Contained
Completely Off grid
Open Plan
Diesel Heating
Gas Hot Water + Cooking
Frontage onto the lush temperate rainforest, this stay is serene and calm.
Our Tinys are completely off the grid, without any compromise on the luxuries. We live off water from the sky and energy from the sun. For the added comforts in life, we use gas for hot water and cooking, diesel heating for the cooler months and utilise a back-up generator, in case the sun shows its face less than we expect. The amenities are hooked up to a full septic system, so you get to be comfortable and relaxed, no matter what.